2021 //Swing Symphony

Mikael’s first ever bronze sculpture with hand-polished stone-patina was unveiled to the public at
the opening of the “Flow State” exhibition at Maddox Gallery in LA May 1st 2021.

Deep Dimensions

The “Deep Dimensions” sculpture originates from Mikael B’s solo exhibition “Never Tomorrow”, which was on display at The Plant in Copenhagen from October 6 to 20, 2018.

2017 //SLS Brickell

SLS Brickell, who housed the exhibition, had given Mikael the honor of decorating their iconic Philippe Starck sculpture, depicting a duck, which was revealed on the opening night to the joy of a large crowd of attendants.

2017 //Hypercube

Hypercube was Mikael’s first 3D printed sculpture using only spray. Hypercube was revealed at Mikael’s solo show, Reality Shift, at the Gregorio Escalante Gallery, Los Angeles.

2021 //The Firelight Journey

For the first time ever Mikael has created a 3D animated digital artwork, which was available as a limited edition NFT on July 22nd.

“What if…you could actually dive into one of my paintings and if the painting became alive. I create infinite universes where everything is possible and being able to finally create digital 3D animated universes with the possibilities and proof of ownership via the blockchain technology and create a digital experience as an art piece is something I have been excited to do for a while. It’s something I have thought about doing for a very long time. Like what would one of my pieces look like if you could actually step into it. Discover my visual universes in a new way – explore, feel, see, hear and almost smell this unique universe.

What would it look like if my geometric universe was translated into a 3D universe animation? What if my geometric elements transitioned into tangible objects, materials and structures. It could be fire, lava, rock, stones, nature, sky, galaxies – all living together in its own universe.

I’m looking forward to finally unveiling this whole new universe of possibilities.”

– Mikael B.

2022 //Wynwood Walls, Miami

“Everything Starts With Nothing” is MIkael’s new mural at Wynwood Walls and it is the first time ever he has painted a mural solely based on his abstract canvas art style. An art style that consists of acrylic gestural brush strokes and movements applied on a lying canvas. With this technique, he created unexpected results.

2022 //Taglialatella Galleries, Toronto, Canada

During the exhibition at Taglialatella Galleries in Toronto, Mikael was asked to decorate the gallery’s front and back with his iconic geometric shapes.

Higher Place

Watch how the mural “Higher Place” came to life.

2021 //West Hollywood, California

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, “Moment of Clarity” was a part of a bigger project with
the charity organization Perfect World Foundation and Panzerglass. Mikael used the composition of the mural to design a clear case for phone protection and for each sold clear case Mikael will plant a tree in the Sir David Attenborough Forest.

2019 //Art Basel, Miami

In tandem with this year’s Miami Art Basel, Mikael created a mural at Loews hotel, South Beach. The mural was unveiled by a ‘mural completion party’ for the hotel guests and Art Basel attendees.

2019 //Artscape Festiavl, Ljusdal, Sverige

“Room for Reflection” is Mikael’s contribution to the annual Swedish street art festival, Artscape. This year, the festival was held in the Swedish city Ljusdal, where Mikael decorated the city’s facades, along with other international artists.

2018 //Wyn317, Sky Flowers. Art Basel, Miami.

Sky Flowers adorns the facade of Wyn317’s new gallery in Miami and was created during this year’s Art Basel, Miami. In addition to Mikael’s work on the front of the gallery, the two internationally renowned artists Belin and Does have also decorated their own sides of the gallery.

2018 //Vivid Rhythms, mural in Los Angeles, CA

In 2017, Art Share, in collaboration with the City of LA and the LA Dept of Cultural Affairs, were to select an artist who would get the honor of decorating the Art Share building, which is the most prominent building in Downtown LA, helping Art Share to rebrand their image. The City Council and Art Share selected Mikael B to decorate the building with fierce competetion from artists from all over the world who also participated in the bidding round.

Vivid Rhythms

Watch how this mural came to live at the iconic ArtShare building in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

2017 //SHINE Mural Festival in St. Peterburg, Florida

Mikael put his mark on the town of St. Petersburg in Florida with his participation at this year’s SHINE Mural Festival. He was among a selected group of artists, each of whom contributed to the large-scale open-air gallery for the delight of both locals and visitors.

Inner Visions

“The belief that you can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality…I had this in my mind when I created the mural “Inner Visions” experimenting with the warm the cold, the sharp the soft, the light the dark. With “Inner Visions” I want to keep dreams alive. Sticking with your vision and what you believe in is so important. When you have a vision it affects your attitude.
Your attitude becomes optimistic.”

– Mikael B

2017 //Area renewel North West Copenhagen, Denmark

“Day Dream” is Mikael’s contribution to the Nordic region’s largest ‘Open-Air Gallery’. Curated by Jens-Peter Brask in Copenhagen.

Day Dream

Watch how this mural came to live during four intense days in Copenhagen. Visitors came from all over the country to watch Mikael live paint and follow the progress of the mural.


2017 //Gregorio Escalante Gallery, Los Angeles

Mikael B’s solo exhibition opening night on July 15th, 2017.

Reality Shift

Everybody dreams. Everybody strives to get lost and find themselves, to find their purpose in this life,but we ultimately make the distinction between what is realistic and what is idealistic. Mikael B. refuses to make this distinction, continuing to grow into the passionate young artist that he is today. From graphic design to wildstyle graffiti to his latest abstract dreamscapes, his oeuvre of work is constantly growing, changing, and challenging itself to create new, wild worlds where anything is possible.


2016 //Art Basel, Miami

Mural Entrance for the Superfine Art Fair in Wynwood, Miami.

Take the tour

The mural entrance is located in the heart of the popular art district in Wynwood, Miami.


2015 //American Express

Wall project for American Express On Santa Monica Blvd and Sweard in Hollywood, LA. Supporting small, independent and local businesses, it’s called Small Business Saturday – a day meant to inspire consumers to support the independent businesses.


2015 //Nike, Jordan Brand

Introducing the new Jumpman CP3.IX Emerald Edition with Chris Paul, Nike and the Jordan brand. Launched at Kings of SoCal on Santa Monica Pier, CA.

Behind the Scenes

Watch how this piece came to live in the twillight hours at Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. More than 7 million people stopped by to take pictures and selfies against the neon florecent wall.


2015 //Art Basel, Miami

Wall project cooporation with In Heroes We Trust and Superfine! in Miami at Art Basel 2015. Alongside good friends Lauren TS, Elle, Ian Ross and Blinky.


2015 //Google Headquarters, Venice

Collaboration wall with BumblebeeLovesYou as a part of the Venice Art Walk & Auction at Google Headquarters in Venice, CA.


Latest Letters

From Los Angeles to Phoenix and Copenhagen. It’s all about swinging, bending and curving and make the colors and composition explore right in front of you.