Investment in originals

    A room for reflection

    Kaleidoscopic sceneries, existential questions and historical art references are conjured up in Mikael’s paintings. They appear as an inspiring dream vision, showing a world that is vibrant and energetic yet aggressive and volatile.

    Mikael B. creates works that speak directly to the viewer – art we delve into and sense with our entire body. Entirely on purpose, the artist challenges, plays with and relates to artistic references from baroque to cubism and the futurist’s fascination with movement and speed – but transferred to a unique idiom that is expressed in such a contemporary material as spray paint.

    The works are like a modern interpretation of baroque’s lavish ceiling paintings, where the sky opens up to an infinite divinity.

    An artistic approach characterised by drama and grandeur in a tantalising, easy-to-understand and sensuous idiom.

    This drama and sensuousness are also seen in a modern version in the expressive skies that characterise Mikael’s works – in particular in his aggressive, geometric shapes that shatter into the open white nothingness, leaving room for reflection. The geometric, fragmented image presentation also conveys references to cubism’s breakdown of the image plane and the central motif, which is transformed into clear geometric components in monochromatic colours and contrasts.