2017 | Tv2 - Go’Morgen DK

Mikael is in the “Go’Morgen Denmark” studio to talk about his latest project, where he is participating in the Nordic region’s largest open air gallery in Copenhagen NW.

2017 | DR.dk Kultur

Mikael is now living the dream in the US

“The Danish graffiti artist Mikael Brandrup has found himself on the American West Coast, where his art has become more liberated than it was when he lived in Denmark.”

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2017 | Nørrebro Nordvest Bladet

Artist from L.A. revamps Copenhagen NW

“Over the summer, four gables on Rentemestervej will be transformed into an open-air gallery, where four graffiti artists put their mark on the district. The first gable is now ready.”

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2017 | TV2 Lorry

Talented artist paints gables in North West

“TV2 Lorry is documenting how Mikael paints his contribution to the Nordic region’s largest open air gallery.”

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2017 | Ehandel.se

His graffiti art is sold all over the world

“The Danish artist Mikael B has soon become famous for his art, combining intense colors and graphic shapes with modern graffiti art.”

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2017 | Inredningsnyheter.se

Colorful art

“The artist Mikael Brandrup is born in Denmark and started his professional career as an artist almost four years ago after his artwork went viral.”

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2017 | Rogue Magazine, US

Artist Profile: Mikael B

“Walking through Reality Shift the newest endeavour from Danish born artist Mikael Brandrup, it’s easy to see his roots lie in graffiti and graphic design, having built a bona fid street empire in Denmark.”

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2017 | White Hot Magazine

Cosmic Connections: The Art of Mikael B

“What does the artist do? He draws connections. He ties the invisible threads between things.”

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2016 | TV3, realityshow

Mikael participates in the Danish reality show “1. Class Merchants” in three episodes about the preparations for his solo show “Just Be” in Copenhagen.

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2016 | DR1, Aftenshowet

Mikael is interviewed on the biggest talk show in Denmark, “Aftenshowet” on danish television DR1, where he shares the story behind his success.

2016 | Jyllands Posten


“When the Danish contemporary artist Mikael B for the first time in 2014 put an art piece up on social media, he got 22,000 interested comments ..”

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2016 | Jyllands Posten

“Graffiti art is perhaps really more an American than a Danish phenomenon. 31-year-old designer and artist Mikael Brandrup agrees that..”

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2016 | Liebhaver Boligen

“Mikael B started as a graffiti artist at the South Harbor in Copenhagen painting..”

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2016 | Berlingske


“Today Mikael Brandrup is an established fusion artist with house and studio in Hollywood Hills..”

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2016 | Metro Express


“His artwork goes for up to $30,000 each, and super brands like Nike, Google..”

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2016 | Århus Stiftstidende


“A danish framing factory in rapid growth has gotten a graffiti artist as a customer, and that means orders from around the world..”

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2016 | Nordvestnyt


“Mikael Brandrup from Hørby has made it as an artist in Los Angeles, USA..”

2015 | Exhibiton Reviews


2013 | Nordvestnyt


“Mikael’s graphic sense interprets the world map in a modern and minimalist style, and has been the young artist’s breakthrough..”

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