Bentley Motors

Charity Auction

2020 » Bentley Motors x Secret Walls x Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles, CA USA

Three leading contemporary artists teamed up with Secret Walls to help Bentley Motors launch ‘Art in Motion’ – a program celebrating the power of inspiration as it crosses generations, and the release of the new Bentley Bentayga.

As the definitive luxury SUV that builds further on the outstanding success of its predecessor, the evolved design of the new Bentayga served as the inspiration for three original works of art, brought to life by internationally acclaimed urban contemporary artist Mikael B. and two other extraordinary young artists – each seeking to honor tradition by breaking it.

These inimitable and inspired paintings went up for auction in December 2020 and all funds raised went directly to Inner-City Arts, an LA-based arts education program that works to empower the next generation of creators. “Afterglow” by Mikael B. brought in $17,600.

December 2020 – Charity Auction for Inner-City Arts
“I always choose to go all the way. I am not looking to take an easy shortcut but to put in the work and do whatever it takes. When you do what is hard life becomes easy. When you do what is easy life becomes hard. The reward that comes after consistent hard-smart work is a unique and deep feeling that will stay with you like an afterglow of satisfaction.” – Mikael B.

The Perfect World Foundation

The Perfect World Foundation Ambassador

2020 » The Perfect World Foundation

As an ambassador the Mikael B foundation is committed to reach the goal to plant one million trees in the ‘Attenborough Forest’. Over 100.000 trees have been planted so far, and we are in the process of planting at least another 100.000 as of 2020.

Attenborough Forest
Tree planting fights climate change In honor of Sir David Attenborough, the project was named ‘Attenborough Forest’.
The goal is to plant one million trees to reduce atmospheric CO2 and the global warming of our planet. Other positive effects of planting trees are that trees create better conditions for biodiversity to flourish and provide habitats. Trees also provide food and protection for many birds and mammals.

Danish Red Cross

Red Cross Ambassador

2020 » Red Cross, Copenhagen, Denmark

Every year, Red Cross Denmark appoints 10 selected profiles amongst celebrities, business gurus and cultural icons. These ambassadors leverage their public profile to promote awareness and raise funds for the cause.

In May 2020 Mikael created his abstract interpretation of Denmark, titled “Our Denmark”, which rapidly acclaimed popularity in Denmark. 20% of all proceeds from sales were donated to help benefit the cause.

The original piece was auctioned off on the 30th of June. The piece secured an additonal $13,500, which was also donated to Red Cross.

Art for Heroes with Maddox Gallery


2020 » HEROES with Maddox Gallery, Los Angeles

The charitable organisation HEROES, has been founded by doctors and nurses helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic.⁣

HEROES provides with medical equipment, delivers meals and supplies to the hospitals, and offers them mental and physical support where needed.⁣⁣⁣

Phase One Foundation


2019 » Art vs Cancer, Various Small Fires Gallery, Los Angeles

Mikael donated one of his newest artworks for the “Art vs Cancer” annual art show. A mix of locale and international artists donated pieces for the good cause. All works went on a silent auction at the show night with 100% of sales benefitting Phase One’s cancer research and innovative education. The entire auction made $72,437.89.

Adopt The Arts


2019 » Adopt the Arts Annual Benefit Gala

Mikael strives to give children of all ages the possibility to explore the world of art from as early an age as possible. For this reason he supports the charity organization Adopt The Arts in their vision to create better conditions for creative arts in the schools of California.

At their annual gala, which this year honored the musician Moby, Mikael donated a piece which was auctioned through the auction house Paddle8.

All sales went directly to benefit the work of Adopt the Arts.

Visit Adopt the Arts' Website

Cool Unite & Cool Car Race

► ABOUT //
Mikael B has, together with the business man Jacob Risgaard and the company, created the world’s only Ferrari California wrapped in a unique Michael B work of art. The Ferrari contributed to the awareness of the Danish charity race, Cool Car Race, which took place on the 25th.-27th of May.

Mikael B’s design originates from the piece Firestorm, and was then transformed into a 3D work of art. Jacob Risgaard, who is the organiser of the Cool Car Race, even drove the Ferrari during the race, whichhas brought part of Denmark’s business elite together around one joint mission since 2012; raising money for children in need of extra help. In 2017, a total of DKK 911,484 was raised, a sum which the organisers hope will be surpassed this year.

To achieve this goal, Mikael has also decorated and signed a cooler helmet in Go ‘Aften Denmark, similar to the one on Risgaard’s car that was auctioned off during the race.

Following on from Cool Car Race, Mikael B has chosen to let 10% of the profit from the sale of this print release go to the CoolUnite fund, which manages the money collected from the race. Previously, the Foundation has supported the Sankt Lucas Foundation, ‘shadow children’ in Denmark [the Danish word ‘skyggebørn’ describes children who feel neglected due to parents’ overwhelming focus on another child with a severe illness] and families with children suffering from cancer.

Mikael is deeply honoured by the opportunity to be part of a project like this, which focuses on children’s well-being.

“It is great to be able to unite my art with a purpose that I believe in, and I hope we can collectively raise a historic amount of funds for the children”. – Mikael B.

California Fire Foundation


2018 » Mikael B and California Fire Foundation

The California drought has left its mark on the American west coast with countless forest fires in the spring. It was therefore natural for Mikael B to support the California Fire Foundation organisation, which emotionally and financially assists distressed firefighters and their families.

Mikael painted 6 small pieces that were displayed and donated at the organisation’s gala show at Easter. The pieces are the first part of a new series that will be exhibited later this year.

“The possibility of being able to help nature and people in need through my art has always been close to my heart, and will continue to be important to new projects where I can make a difference.” – Mikael B.

Info about the organisation and pictures from the gala show can be viewed via the link below.

California Fire Foundation

Eternal Waves


2018 » Mikael B and Pangeaseed

Mikael B has painted the piece “Eternal Waves” for the organisation Pangeaseed, which aims to save coral reefs worldwide. The piece is sold through Pangeaseed, and all revenue goes exclusively to the
organisation’s struggle to save endangered coral reefs worldwide.

The mission of the PangeaSeed Foundation is to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful environmental changes for our oceans through “ARTivism,” education, and research. By following the organisation’s core values of sustainability, education, ecology and design, the organisation creates a synthesis between creative expression, nature and society to re-establish the connection between individuals, communities and the planet’s most important ecosystem.

“I was 5 years old when I tried snorkelling for the first time in our wonderful oceans and coral reefs. It was a whole new world to me. A world full of colours and unique life – almost like a dream world. This experience is still a great source of inspiration for me. “Eternal Waves” represent my thoughts, feelings and experiences extending all the way back to my childhood. The feeling of the movement and the waves in the water are transformed into complete silence as soon as you let yourself become immersed in its depths. I want to be able to relive this feeling for the rest of my life and want others to experience the same in the future.” – Mikael B.

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Be The Breakthrough


2017 » Mikael B, Genentech and Step Up To Cancer

’Be The Breakthrough’ Campaign

Mikael B has, along with actor Morgan Freeman, been selected to be part of a nationwide American awareness campaign prepared by Step Up To Cancer and Genentech. The purpose of the campaign is to inform the population of the importance of taking an active part in the fight against cancer, whether through screening, participation in test trials or to support cancer patients.

Mikael has painted two pieces inspired by two real cancer stories. The stories were selected among many participants who wanted to share their personal history. It was a great honor for Mikael to be allowed to use his art to make a difference on a such important field as cancer.

Stand Up To Cancer is an American organization whose mission is to raise funds for the development of new health methods and general research in the field of cancer.

Genentech is one of the leading companies in biotechnology and develops medicines for use in several life-threatening diseases, such as cancer in this campaign.

“I’m honored to bring #CancerBreakthrough stories to life through my art. Progress is impossible without change and if you can change your own way of thinking, you can change everything. Smile through hardship, gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. This is how we can make a change.” – Mikael B.

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Lonely Whale


2017 » Ocean conservation with Lonely Whale, Adrian Grenier and Mikael B

Mikael B and the non-profit organization, Lonely Whale, along with actor Adrian Grenier in the lead have come together to save the world’s oceans. The collaboration began with the “Awake” solo show at the SLS Brickell hotel in Miami during Miami Art Basel 2017. Together, Mikael and Adrian invited guests to “Awake” where Mikael’s works were inspired by Lonely Whale’s focus on minimizing plastic pollution in the oceans.

Mikael also used the inspiration to decorate the iconic Philippe Starck duck sculpture, located on the SLS roof terrace. All profits from the exhibition and a print release sold fromthe Mikael B webshop went untouched to Lonely Whale.

Mikael has always been very fascinated by the oceans and feels an important need to do what he can to preserve them. That’s why Mikael is honored by having the opportunity to help out through his art and support an organization like Lonely Whale.

Since 2013, the Fund has launched groundbreaking initiatives to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting our oceans and has also played a great role in the continues battle for reducing plastic pollution, in collaboration with UN Environment, Strawless in Seattle, Dell Computers and many more.

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