Limited Edition: Deep Dimensions White


Delivery within 2-3 weeks

  • Sketch and design by Mikael B
  • Only 25 handmade copies available
  • Finished with five layers of high-gloss coating
  • Engraved metal plate mounted on the back
  • Original numbering and signature

Limited Edition: Deep Dimensions White

There are only 25 numbered copies available of this handmade sculpture and no additional copies will be made ever.


A metal plate engraved with the title, signed and numbered by Mikael B, is mounted on the back of the sculpture. Includes proof of authenticity documenting the value and serial number.

Advanced molding

The sculpture is cast in massive polyurethane using the same mold as the original sculpture. It is then treated with minimum five layers of polyurethane high-gloss coating. Measures 115 x 73 x 14 cm and weighs 15 kg.


The sculpture is equipped with a heat-treated birch veneer back plate that works as a sturdy wall mount. Mountable on the wall with just two screws.


The sculpture comes with a specially designed box made of heat-treated pine veneer for transportation. Measures 122 x 81 x 20 cm. The sculpture is secured with three screws inside the shipping box for ultimate protection during transportation.

Watch how the sculpture came to be

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