HPM Edition: Starry Night #3


Sold Out

  • Super limited edition of 15 pcs.
  • Hand painted details with acrylic, spray paint and 24k gold
  • Archival pigment print on cotton canvas
  • Original signed and numbered
  • Unique hand painted logo on back
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • 140 x 85 cm / 55 x 33 in


Watch the process behind the “Starry Night” paintings.



Details with spray paint and multi-colored brush strokes with acrylic paint by Mikael B.


Mikael B logo stencil on the back with multiple layers of spray paint.


Each work is signed and numbered by Mikael B on the front and back.


This edition is painted in 15 unique copies.


Certificate of authenticity included documenting authenticity and value.


Framed in black 54mm deep floating frame made of Italian wood.

“While my geometric pieces are very well planned, meticulous and precise, I am given free reign with my abstract expressionism paintings.

I begin the process without knowing exactly what I’m searching for. Sometimes I’m not sure what I have accomplished until after my experiments have taken shape. However it is exactly that unsure state of mind that gives me inspiration.

I created the first early abstract expressionism paintings back in 2016 as an experiment with gestural brush-strokes which later was exhibited with Gregorio Escalante in LA in 2017.

I was eager to explore the unconscious mind and this way of painting, so I keptdeveloping the style, the medium and the technique and I created the Gold Series that was exhibited in Copenhagen at my solo exhibition “Never Tomorrow” in

“I’ve been working on the next generation of these paintings ever since and I was able to finish some of these pieces earlier this year – “Falling Stars” and “Rising Stars” -which was exhibited with Maddox Gallery.

I continue to explore the possibilities of abstraction and embrace color and gestural painting on both large and smaller scale in my new series the “Starry Night” paintings. It is a series of 6 paintings so far that I painted in different sizes.

One of the things that I like the most about the “Starry Night” paintings is that this type of experimentation creates unexpected results.”

-Mikael B.

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