Inspired by Dalí, Kay Sage, Pollock, Peter Saul, and Albert Oehlen, Flow State unanimously explores, juxtaposes, and reconciles the three worlds of abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, and surrealism, with Mikael’s signature idiom. Showcasing an array of vibrant works where colors and geometric shapes organically flow into one another, the exhibition explores the tension between the process of creating art and the experience of art.

As a self-described outsider, Mikael B is constantly breaking through barriers, operating between genres and carving his own path. As a result, Flow State is more than a typical white walls experience. Rather than accept the classic gallery format, Mikael has taken over everything from the gallery space to the walls themselves. From the moment you step in, you are entering into Mikael’s futuristic abstract vision; a space coated with Mikael’s artwork that welcomes visitors to an immersive experience.

Welcome to “Flow State” a physical and a virtual experience.